xResolver is the leading Xbox and Playstation Resolver in the industry, with over 20 million Gamertags and IP addresses stored within their online databases. IP entries are stored via an IP puller in game sessions, party chats and intelligent bots scraping the internet realm.


Online website to find IP addresses via a Gamertag and vice versa.

Xbox Resolver and IP Puller

Resolve Xbox Live Gamertags or pull IP’s, with easy to use tools. Supports any Xbox console, 360, One and Series X.

PSN Resolver and IP Puller

Resolve PSN usernames or pull IP’s, with easy to use tools. This works on any Playstation, PS4 and PS5.

IP grabber and Party Kicker

Intelligent IP Grabbing on any gaming console with the ability to kick players offline.

Free Resolver

Xresolver is a free to use online Xbox & PSN resolver with optional paid premium packages to unlock additional features.

Easy to Use

Xresolver is easy to use, by simply submitting the gamertag or IP address in query to retrieve the information in readable format.

More tools

While we focus primarily on xresolver, we also cover all the IP pulling tools on the market as well as preventative measures.

NEED Protection?

Tired of getting kicked offline while playing a game? See below, on two steps on how to protect yourself.

Step 1
Blacklist Yourself

Blacklisting keeps your IP information safe and completely removed from xresolver.

Step 2
Get a VPN

A Virtual Private Network will mask your real IP address and disable IP pullers and resolvers

tools & programs
Aimbot Controller

Modify your controller and games with these safe to use aimbots. Includes rapid fire, auto aim and much more!

IP Booter for Xbox and Playstation

Decrypted someone’s IP? Then why not boot them offline. View Booter Tutorials for Xbox and PSN.

How to Pull IPs - IP Grabber

Xresolver not giving you the correct IP address? Then use an installable IP puller and find someones IP!